Industrial Outdoor Light Solar Security with 15 ft. cable, remote control, and motion sensor

Introducing the ultimate solution for your outdoor lighting and security needs - the Industrial Outdoor Light Solar Security! This powerful flood light is specially designed to provide instant illumination, even in the most challenging conditions. With its advanced features, this flood light offers unmatched performance and maximum protection.

Featuring a reliable solar panel, this outdoor light is capable of delivering up to 1500 lumens, ensuring that your property stays well-lit during the night. It also comes with a dusk to dawn operation mode which means that the light stays on throughout the night, and the motion PIR detector adds an extra layer of security by activating the light whenever it detects any motion in its range.

Moreover, the included remote control allows you to customize the runtime and dimming settings, providing you with complete control over the lighting conditions in your immediate surroundings. The 15 ft. cable makes it effortless to mount the light in any location you desire, including ground placements, parks, amphitheaters, and airport gateways.

This fantastic Industrial Outdoor Light Solar Security is designed to offer superior performance and functionality to meet all your outdoor lighting needs. Dare to go solar and enjoy the convenience, energy-saving, and long-lasting benefits of this premium solar-powered flood light!


This specially designed SGG-F156-2R LED Solar Flood Light offers Dusk to Dawn operation with a motion PIR detector and a remote control that can modify runtime and dimming. It is accompanied by a 15 ft. cable so that mounting in restrictive spaces like on the ground, in parks, amphitheaters, and airport gateways is possible. Furthermore, it is well-suited for fixtures with a 3-6" diameter and the waterproof connection between the light and solar panel ensures reliable Dusk to Dawn performance across its life.